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28 October 2008

Baltimore Food Makers

Check it: just went public.  I heard it's the bomb.

From the site:

Within Baltimore Food Makers, you will find people passionate about good food, people who want to know where their food comes from and who play a part in getting it from seed (or animal) to the table, people who are carrying on the important skills of growing and processing food for themselves and their families.

We want to trade, barter, and share our equipment, skills, and knowledge.

How do we make food?
Gardening, canning, dehydrating, fermenting, yogurt and cheese-making, baking, sourdough, home brewing, coffee-roasting, and that's just the beginning!

This group has three main functions:
    1. Connects people in Baltimore who have similar interests.
    2. Provides a forum for sharing resources, skills, and knowledge.
    3. Organizes monthly workshops to learn new skills and eat together.
If you haven't yet, visit our Google group Food Makers, for more information on the group and some local resources you might like to know about.

Baltimore Food Makers unite!

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