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13 April 2009

Baltimore Networking

I just sent an email to a friend and realized it'd make a good personal bookmark/placeholder/time capsule.

There's been some heating up of the Baltimore tech scene in the last year or so. One of the things that got me into the job switch process [from BDK to SmartLogic Solutions] was the first SocialDevCamp ( event last May. Since then I've gotten in touch with Dave Troy, who organized that event, another in Nov'08, is organizing a straight up BarCamp ( in June, founded Baltimore's first (that I know of) tech/creative co-working space (, founded the Baltimore Angels ( angel investment group. I also got kind of hooked/volunteered into organizing / coordinating the organization of a Baltimore version of South by Southwest (, but I expect to be dropping that in favor of getting involved with BarCamp Baltimore. In the last month or so I joined and then dropped (unique situation, long-ish story) a startup ( with a few other guys from the area. Finally, since the fall, I've been regularly attending Refresh Bmore ( and Dorkbot meetings (, both of which are new (in the area) since last summer. The past six months has also seen a Flash users group (, a programming language club (, and I'm trying to get a hackerspace going here in the city (, /

Too much on my plate? We'll see.

Alright, back to real job.

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